Illuminate Dentistry is proud to present our very own Dr. Rachelle Boudreau as one of the top women in the dental field in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the entire country! Our whole team works hard to meet the excellent standards Dr. Boudreau sets for us, and we know you will enjoy the results of that hard work! If you would like to meet our fantastic dentist for yourself, contact us today at 513-772-0722.

From the Dental Products Report article:

Somewhere along your professional trajectory, you’ve encountered a colleague or a professor or someone who was —in a word —exceptional. Statistics suggest that, more and more, that person will be a woman. Top 25 Women in Dentistry feature is one way Dental Products Report seeks to recognize not just the power of the contributions women are able to make, but also the richness of diversity in the ways they choose to make a difference.

Winners were chosen based on the number of people who nominated them, the quality of those nominations, and the ability to demonstrate a clear contribution to the dental community.

All it takes for Dr. Rachelle Boudreau to have a great day is the knowledge that she helped someone become healthier by placing a beautiful restoration while enjoying friendly conversation, and as a dentist with a special interest in performing quality cosmetic dental procedures, Dr. Boudreau has a lot of great days. Her passion lies in restoring her patients’ mouths to optimum function and esthetics, which many times requires her to use several treatments on the same person.

“The best part of my job is the relationships I have with my patients, I love taking care of them and building long lasting friendships,” she said. “Everyone leaves happy at the end of the day and it does not feel like work.”

As a passionate and disciplined hard worker, Dr. Boudreau is always looking for ways to sharpen her skills and provide the best technology to her patients. And though these traits have been important ones in her journey, she said she would not have the successful practice she has today without the support and encouragement of her husband, Dr. Russ Boudreau, and her fellow team members. “I owe them all gratitude for their greatness and believing in our vision,” she said.

“You do not have to do and learn everything by yourself. Surround yourself with individuals who can inspire and influence you,” Dr. Boudreau shared. “There are so many areas we all can use advice in; we just need to be open to receiving it and then having the courage to change.”

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