Dermaplaning is a skin resurfacing technique that works by manually exfoliating the skin of your face. This treatment originated as a trade secret in the modeling industry and continues to be a popular cosmetic treatment today, producing a healthier, more youthful appearance in those that receive it.

When you receive this treatment, our dentists will begin by gently cleansing and scrubbing your face. A sterile dermatome is then moved in a gentle sweeping motion to remove vellus hair and slough off dead skin to reveal the dewy, luminous skin beneath. This procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

Benefits of dermaplaning include:

Dermaplaning causes almost no redness or irritation following treatment. There is no post-treatment care required for dermaplaning, and you may return to your normal activities upon leaving our office. This treatment is often performed with a chemical peel to produce the best results. We may recommend receiving treatment in monthly intervals.

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