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Our dentists and team offer same-day dental crowns and bridges in Cincinnati, Ohio. At Illuminate Dentistry, we utilize E4D same-day dentistry to provide you with high-quality dental restorations without the wait. If you are interested in setting up an appointment with Dr. Rachelle Boudreau or Dr. Vincent Benedetti, call 513-772-0722.

Dental Crowns
A dental crown, also known as a dental cap, is a dental restoration that restores the strength, functionality and natural appearance of teeth. The dental crown is custom-made to match the natural appearance of your smile. This restoration is typically used to repair severely damaged teeth. It can be used to protect the tooth after root canal therapy, in conjunction with a dental filling or to strengthen weak teeth. The dental crown will be bonded over the original tooth, covering the damaged area to prevent additional damage from occurring.

Dental crowns are also used on dental implants and placed on the post of the implant to give you a restored smile after losing a tooth. As a result, you have an enhanced smile that looks and feels natural.

Dental Bridges
Dental bridges literally “bridge the gap” in your smile. Although it may seem that teeth are firmly set in place, the teeth actually experience a great deal of movement throughout your lifetime. When one or more teeth are missing from your mouth, it can cause the remaining teeth to shift, moving them into the gaps of the smile. A dental bridge can be used to keep the teeth in their correct position after losing a tooth.

This restoration is anchored by dental crowns that are attached to the teeth on either side of the prosthetic tooth. Dental bridges can also be anchored to a dental implant. Bridges are useful for replacing one or more missing teeth.

If you are interested in learning more about these restoration options, call our office to set up an appointment with our experienced team.


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